Saturday, July 31, 2004

Its just one of those days again. Why's life becoming so monotonous. Where are all my friend(s). It seems like after so long a time, I'm still as alone as was before. get a life? I don't seem to bother anymore. Maybe the only reason I chose to write on loneliness for the gp essay is that I'm the real lonely one. It's true. I'm lonely. Everyday, I'm all alone. Dazed, in a world of my own. A world where time and space blend into one. Am I Mad? No. I'm still, just, lonely.  

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

I've finished reading the curious incident of dog in the night-time. Its a nice book, quite different in the style as from other books I've read. I should say it was rather enjoyable.

Sometimes I'd like to think that I've been born in the wrong era, a wrong setting. Not exactly wrong, but not so prefered. I guess I'll never be satisfied. I'm just being defeatist. A few reasons, why so : the world's just to polluted, theres too much technology and knowledge abound and this leads to a rather fast-paced, hectic life that I so feel I am a victim of, also the ideal lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous doesn't appeal to me - the ideal life for me has become but a figment of imagination only resigned to history texts. An ideal setting would be medieval europe, but then, nepotism, corruption.. etc would have ruined the so imagined perfection. Not to mention the plague that had caused a dark time. I would want much so to learn how to ride a horse one day, and to be able to ride a horse into the infinite expanse of the plains. Modern industrialisation and development soon would turn almost every turf into slabs of concrete or gravel. Am I being so pessimistic. Maybe I just need a holiday, all these undone tutorials and mismanaged homework have driven me into foolish thinking.

However, there are more things than these I'd like to think of. And it is by these thoughts that keep me burning. False hope brings fire that dies soon when truth is known.

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Friday, July 09, 2004

Dismal , sorry scores.
So marks the end of ct.
How will I ever gain the moxie.
sullen woebegone me.

I shall set my ken
on paths I have to tread on
sweat and tears I must shed
and return to the bitter passage

the lonely traveller knows no shortcut
these do not exist on such a journey
a pot of gold
like once said, at the end of a rainbow
the misleading saying
the prize was never there
nor the felicitous emblem
false hope was the motivation

As the wheel of time turns,
the wagon reaches new lands
no longer will old methods be successful
In a land where food sprouts not from the ground

However so, I shall know, the only way is to stay, on the path, no matter where it leads, the fact remains that whoever made the path must have gotten somewhere worth going. Thus lies the reason why it is better to stay on the path, rather then to stray, then, who knows what lies in the wild. [sorry for the crap]

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Monday, July 05, 2004

Okay. first I'd like to talk more about saturday. Saturday was when I had a sickening Chem SPA (for non jc-goers, spa is an acronym for science practical assessment. For one science subject, there are approx 8 assessments, which means 8 practical sessions, for triple science students like myself, do the math and its 24. horrible) , the moment the SPA ended, we were discussing the answers, and people conveniently dismissed my answers as hmm.. impractical? My heart sank like the titanic, and much to celine's dismay, it did not go on. (c'mon laugh please!) After that I had chinese listening compre, which was sheer ear chocolate (for eye its candy remember?), ..............zoooooooooooom....

Ok, so my dad's calling me to go off the computer because its 1126pm, and tomorrow its a school going day and if I dont get off now I'd have less than 8 hours of sleep and I will be all groggy tomorrow. Chao.

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Bill clinton's 900 page book doesnt have a contents page i think. Or does it. I was at borders on saturday and I was attempting to flip to the page covering the monica lewinski scandal. I have to admit I was being rather childish, but politics and what mr bill's life is all about could be rather dry compared to the juicy scandal don't you think? I'm not sure of what book to invest on. Or what should I use my popular vouchers on. tys!!! ooh yeah. haha.

I'm gonna meet non kim and rach tmr. Haha. its been so long since i've met up with kim. I wonder if she's changed. Haha. aussie bums!! =] I'm mean though. I'm supposed to mail her some stuffs and I didnt. Oh well.

I wonder if I should watch the match b/w portu and greece. My gut feel is that greece will win though. However so I like Portugal. Greece is just such a not happening team. First they score one goal, then they start to play defend. Then it's all about not allowing the other team to score so that they can win the game. How mean. I guess thats the way it is. One reason why I don't fancy soccer is that all seasons are different, star teams come and go. Its always a different ball game. Thats why its like you really waste a lot of time following whos good and whos not, and in the end, you never know when someone better will come out. Actually, thats the fun of it isnt it. I think the only match i'd really enjoy is one that either my country or my friend participates in.

I just watched mean girls yesterday with minghao. Lido was just so congested the queue was bad too. In the end, we went to city square (its a place in m'sia) to watch mean girls because all 4 shows for spidey were sold out. Whats with spidey and mr octupusy with 4 metal tentacles. I used to be a HUGE spiderman fan when I was young. I still am actually, although I wonder why they stopped producing the cartoon series the amazing spiderman. I used be thoroughly steeped in spiderman cartoons and comics. I didnt really have any of those spidey merchandise. I used to have a batman suit though. Spiderman was this really cool superhero I looked up too. He had it all, the agility, the adroitness, the finesse, the cool web-slinging action that proves to be the fastest way to get around town, the cool I-am-a-boy-whos-actually-a-superhero thang. Compare to other slick superheros like superman, captain america, batman. He had the cool-ness factor. Also, all his cartoons were really sci-fi. There was this series when he had to arrange a league of superheros to battle who knows what. He's a natural leader too, leading people like the x-men, captain amer.. etc. He was da man. I loved the episodes revolving around venom and cartilage too! haha. Actually ninja turtles are cool too, but they're talking turtles, which is much less of a cool-ness ratio. pizza eating bumming mean lean turtle power! Batman's cool because he's slick and he has the gadgets, not to mention power-packed punches. Superman, he's just this out of the world too good to be true superhero.

All these cartoons have a few things in common. Superheros, loser villains who always lose, girls (superman=louis lane, batman=cat woman, spiderman=maryjane watson). Its all the same. Oh yah. I revelled sci fi plots the writers of x-men concocted too! My fav hero is x-men is... hm. Gambit. He's got attitude, not to mention explosively charged cards! talk about explosive dai dee. No wonder no one wants to play cards with him.

I guess thats it for superheros. I might talk about villains next time.

HAppy YOuth day everyone!!! First we're kiddos, now we're youths. Its only a matter of time before we all turn old. So.. enjoy your youth guys!!

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