Monday, January 24, 2005

I wish time would take a turn. I'd like to see my past again. I'd like to relive certain moments. But then again, there are some I'd like them to remain where they are. forgot.

It is the start of the fourth week of the new year, and certain resolutions are not being carried out. Or so it seems. I think its time for a turning point in life. I want to see that procrastinating, lazy, ...etc. THOMAS out that door. Yes, out of my life permanently. Ok, maybe the occasional appearance during holidays, but, yes, out out out!

But alas, some things are hard to rid off. Or rather, old habits die hard.

Band is coming out really fine! The JUNIORS are mingling well with the seniors, which is a good thing. Any juniors still looking at this, well, there is going to be a test soon for the National Anthem, Inilah and the English Song. For all the parts. =D. So be sure to learn the songs. Its what every NJ band person must do, serve with honour! haha.

I'm kinda busy. So. taAaa!~

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Monday, January 17, 2005

The year went off with a bang literally. Ranon, Vivek and I were at the esplanade for the new year countdown party. It was good fun. At the stroke of midnight, people screamed and squealed. There was no explosive accompaniment due to the tsunami (zu-nA-mEE) tragedy. Many people pronounce it wrongly. Whilst trying to get around in the throngs of over-enthusiastic party-goers, we got sprayed with foam, aerosal ribbon and what have you. We got ourselves two cans and joined in! The night was spent walking about the place, checking out the clubbing scene at clarke quay and just, chilling out.

Of course the fun has to end somewhere.

Two days later, it was back to school - putting on my Nj greys in the morning, waking up extra early for band practise (morning assembly), lugging that tutorial/lecturenotes-laden bag all over again. On the first day of school, we were welcomed by lectures, new teachers, and of course, homework.

The new year resolutions seemed to fade into obvious oblivion. As each day passed, my workload increased from just holiday homework to holiday homework plus 100000000tutorials. That might seem like a hyperbole now. I'd rather not see that it becomes fact. Which soon, it looks, may be.

I'd like to end with a note/

Math hol hw
Physics hol hw
Chem benzene mcq
Ecology TYS Qns
halogenoalkanes tutorial
Chem practical B1
Math Integration tutorial + assignment part 1.

ALL NOT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

en that I am royally screwed.

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