Sunday, March 27, 2005

At first while the shadow engulfs me in woe
Such be the torment of morrow
Devoid of hope that the world dost sow
And yet of abundance hath my sorrow
O music flows and touch'est thy soul
Once a friendliest rapturous glow
All has bowed to naught, put-out coal
Fleeting in nature, out thine flow.
(not yet completed)

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

common test is here!
I really dont know what to do
this is by far the least prepared-for common test.
I hope I pull through.

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

still so fast
every whisks by
day to dust
the past in contrast

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

how do you know you are not dreaming?

are you sure you are not asleep?

can u remember waking up from your last dream?

drummed at 1:13 AM;

saddle the horse
the wooden metal horse
hooves that dig deep into the ground
a heavy horse

hold the reins
tame the horse
feel the spirit
take the ride

it is loyal
you will enjoy
sheer exhilaration
move quick

the vivacity enthralls

drummed at 1:07 AM;

I saw
I saw
in my dreams
a bright light
so bright
so bright

i went
i went
into the hole
there it was
splendid acropolis
splendid acropolis

join me
join me
in my very
splendid acropolis
lets go
lets go

drummed at 1:00 AM;

like the mouse with no tail
the cat with the hat
a house without a roof
cars without wheels

imagine a world
take away the light
let darkness pervade
sepulchral seclusion

a jump for the door
to nowhere
into existence

drummed at 12:54 AM;

so there.

he ate at curry wok thai noodles island creamery
there was no gp
he went for band prac
he tried to study
he is going to sit for common test
he went to nus open house
he thinks

drummed at 12:50 AM;

Some say life is all about relationships. Those that tie, those that bind the people who make up this world. Its about all the love there is in this beautiful world. The type of love that just makes you jingle and want to dance. Everytime you feel so lonely, just look at the people around you who love you so much. There are always people who care for you, even when you do not care about yourself.
Some people find comfort in being part of large groups of people who share the same interest.

Thats why I'm in band.



self-entertaining post

drummed at 12:39 AM;

a song that rhymes
that will make u mine
is so hard to find

so I will sing
about all things
much love to you I bring

drummed at 12:37 AM;

A million miles from the source
durst I be the sky
this bane
so sin shame

A zoom back here in retrospect
back there is far
they say
be not swayed

So come sweet sorrow
come fear burrow
am marred and low
find a suited show

drummed at 12:21 AM;

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

and so the sun sets
sadly, I am thinking
great expectations

drummed at 8:24 PM;

i am going to stop trying
people fall short of expectations.
it is just too bad.

sometimes its just the world and you.
always, maybe.


shit them.

drummed at 8:18 PM;

Sunday, March 06, 2005

why are people like that. I am so disappointed

drummed at 8:51 AM;

Saturday, March 05, 2005

whoopeedos im at yulin's house with seanorrhea leenosophy ulean and me! Band dinner. I hope theres enough food for me! so sad yihong leaving... So sad!

drummed at 5:35 PM;

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