Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm no longer a civilian. Currently, I'm in bmtc sch 2 N coy plat 4. I've got an ingrown toenail and then I was excused for 3 days. A lot of people think that I "chao keng". But wah lao, its damn pain lah. Funny sia, my friend said got people tell him I chao keng cos I excused still can run to toilet damn fast. lol. I kena by the sgt quite a lot la. I dio section i/c cos I bed 1, aiyah then I damn slack la, not as garang as some others. Aiyah they want to go cmd sch den go la. sigh, I hope I can make more friends la, and survive this. ippt cat I do 16 situps only, stomach cramp. Whats happened to my english.
Ok , this is REC THOMAS CHIA signing off,


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