Saturday, August 28, 2004

math: almost 20 chapters
physics: 17 (+,-)
Chemisty: 23?
Biology: 10 super big chapters.

Simple math gives me 70 chapters to cover in 30 odd days? which means even If I started now studying two chapters a day, it'll only be just in time for the promos.

Gp: Endless topics to cover. Will I fail again?
Chi: I'm just hopeless in this. No. of times ponned : 20-30+

I can't take this anymore!!!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dear Depressed Teens out there,

Once, I was your age too. I can say I've experienced all sorts of problems. I'm an overcomer, and trust be, in due time you will be too. If you have any problems feel free to mail me.

-Uncle Thomas

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

[Can't take my eyes off you] is really a very nice song. Love songs just have that special something that magically creates an ambience and it rouses certain emotions, and strikes deep chords deep within!

Firstly, lets start off with what I dreamt about the day before yesterday. Definitely not the movie show "The day after tomorrow" ! =)

It is the year 3000 a.d. ? Rats rule the world. Apparently, rats have become increasing rampant over the centurys, and through nature's very own evolutionary process, Rats have become larger in size and more intelligent. Whats more, they kidnap kids! Unfortunately, I was such a victim. The squalid denizens of the city sewers held countless teenagers captive in the dark underground dungeons.

These sewer rats were minions of a dark one. Ok to cut the story short. It was really a phantasmagoria, partly because I had only 6+ hours of sleep. So, I found out she was actually a girl, around my age, who had something for rats. I became friends with her, so she let me go, but there was a curfew. She was rather lonely, so I became a friend. Yeah, so, I went back into the light of day, when I realised that people had stopped using money. Money was replaced with..... cards! yes trading cards! Cards that had texts which went this can be exchanged for a car, release from prison.... etc. Then I got a key card, which I used to release my best friend. Then we both escaped using some hovercar when we approached a dead end. Guess what, it wasn't really a dead end. There was a manhole......

Some dream huh!

I went out with ben yesterday. He introduced me to some stuff. Lets see. Brownies, travel literature, Sophie Kinsella!!! =] and more. Haha. Is this embarassing or wad.


the band practised. porgy and bess and tchr's day songs! =)

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

hi heya hello
these greetings we use are mellow
conversations start
and soon end with
gtg bye nite!

and in between there's
=) :) =] ^_^
not forgeting certain jargons
lahs liao and the z's and x's
which mean nothing
maybe heaving a sigh of relief?

The generation of the future
socialites on the computers
identities masked
identities created
conceal and beguile
who might actually be the losers

still safety on the net is of utmost concern
there will be no safety net if you fall prey
to stalkers on the prowl
so please do learn
security is always of utmost concern

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Elven Legend strikes again! Today, she has made her debut appearance amongst the throngs of apprentice sophomore alchemists in Academy de Nationalia. With haste, lickety-split, she educated the masses with the knowledge of the earth (organic chem).

Random cards (magic) :

Gn, elf queen of alchemy
summon elf legend
casting cost: 0 (she just comes!)
power/toughness: 3/3
chem topical quiz: tap all student cards, student cards get -1/-1 until end of turn. During next upkeep, student cards get +1/+1 counter
Leer: 1 green, tap X student cards, where X is the no. of NJC hills in play
sharp arrow: 1 red, tap, target student card receives 2 damage

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

They do. My Chemistry teacher is one. I shall justify my statement. She has elvish ears that can hear lacklustre cymbal crashes a mile away. A keen sense of hearing indeed. Her ears also serve another purpose, which is to keep her elven locks of jet black hair at bay. Not only that, she can speak at a very fast pace, without breathing! I've been watching her. She can go for hours without breathing. She has a quiver full of arrows (ohp markers) that go missing ever so often, well, of course they do, every archer loses his arrows after shooting? I would never want to incur the wrath of her, lest she decides I should be her next shooting target!!!

Magic: the gathering, is a good card game, albeit childish and time consuming!

I have not done my homework!

I want a pogo stick! Skateboards are out!

all that keeps me from opening my eyes day by day is the very slim chance of being able to see an angel

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I'll be seeing you - billie holiday
Stellar - Incubus
Santa Monica Boulevard - Sheryl Crow

=Random thoughts=
Theres someone I'll never get bored with even though I'm supposed to?
When I close my eyes I see blue.
Blue ocean, blue sky, ....etc (btw this is not my rendition of the techno song)
When I open my eyes I see hues.
Colours that remind, as much so on the outside myriads appear,
To me, monotony is what everything will always be.
I'll opt for a non-colour(monochrome) telly.

I wasted my darn time again
this is dejavoo a million times
my eyes transfixed on the ticking clock
somewhere deep a searing pain

ouch. why didnt I use my time
fruitfully, constructively this time
And then maybe I could be a step closer
To the dreams I had a long time ago

.......blahblahblahetcetc. I can't write anymore. I'm no longer good in this stuff. Maybe I'll try prose.

He saddled his horse, and rode off into the distance. How particularly apt, as the stallion galloped to the west, the sun began to set. Golden streams of hope were soon shadowed by the drawing of dusk. etcetcetc.
Maybe I'll try plays.

tom: hey drew!
drew: hey carrey
non: Hello !!! I'm drew carrey.

woman in facial mask: BlARRRRrrrrrGGGGH.
non: You look like the amazing hulk!
tom: guffaw guffaw guffaw

Maybe I'll try music.

c#de#eaab#fga. No good. blog doesnt read these music codes.

maybe I'll try digital art!

oOo oOo

A heart?.

I'm going insane. Maybe I'm just in the South American Nut Exhibition. get it? In SANE. whatever.!

I love boredom! Embrace it w open arms.



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Monday, August 09, 2004

-Eropa Gnisyadh tribyppah-

My first attempt at creating a code! Tag me those who know what it means.

I watched "Signs" Dvd today which was a waste of time.

//random songs\when doves cry - Prince
Rhapsody in blue - Gershwin
99 red balloons - afi
Tonight and the rest of my life - nina gordon

.:random questions:.
whats the kyoto protocol?
how many hydrogen-filled balloons are needed for me to fly?
how do seedless watermelons reproduce? Any seedless fruits, for that matter.
whats the purpose of having a purpose?
[more for another time.]

Cher: The notebook was heart-wrenching, tear-drenching (i didnt cry!), and nice nice nice. Great job Mr. Sparky! haha. how are the other books?

Ben: How's KL ? Arghs. whatever. I forgot how its like to cheer up already.

Eileen: Thanks for ur encouragement and stuff. Yeah. I think I'll be ok.

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Friday, August 06, 2004

Nothing special in particular.

The NDC04 supposed-to-burn thing didnt manage to burn

The PA crew had a technical difficulty during West. Dance perf.

The march did not start right.

I watched the movie "notebook" (based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks), the stylistics of the movie was quite similar to that of "Big Fish". It was heartwarming.

I guess that sums it all up.

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ThoC. hot shots and stick flicks

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